22 Sep 2016
By admin

Pretrace Launches Asset Tracker TC85D

Pretrace is pleased to launch TC85D standby 6 years asset tracker/container tracker today.

TC85D is the newly upgraded version of TC85, mainly designed for containers/trailers or any other objects that need remote tracking. With excellent optimization of the power consumption, TC85D can standby more than 6 years by GRPS transmitted tracking without recharging.

By built-in 3-axis G-Sensor, TC85D can detect the asset’s movement and send the alert to the control center, which will remind the asset owners to check asset situation on time. By built-in temperature sensor, TC85D can provide temperature statistics for monitoring refrigerators, cooler machines and cold-chain supplying Objects.

Moreover, TC85D utilizes the sensing technology to monitor the door status remotely without trouble installation, transmits the alert to the control center once any unnormal access to door, which offers more opportunities for companies who provide added value beyond asset tracking.

With operating environment of IP66 rating, TC85D is a waterproof and anti-dust device that workable both indoor and outdoor. It is easy installed with the inbuilt GPS and GSM antennas. TC85D is nice compact GPS device for long term security monitoring deployment.

To know more information about Pretrace TC85D, please visit:Prouduts - TC85D

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