27 Mar 2016
By admin

Pretrace Launches Multifunctional GPS Tracker TC56

Pretrace is glad to announce that the latest multifunctional GPS tracker TC56 has launched recently for different customers’ requirement.

Compare with the economical tracker TC55, TC56 is much more powerful for heavy vehicles and specific M2M application, such as cold chain, food chain, restaurant supply, logistic fleet, ambulance fleets, government fleet, mortgage vehicle management, dangerous cargo monitoring, etc.

Pretrace TC56 mainly support:

Safe Driving Manner Detect:

Driving behavior events will be created for driver habit analysis, including: harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh turning right, harsh turning left, fatigue driving, parking overtime.

Anti-Jamming Detect:

GSM jamming event will be created to inform the control center once any jamming detected and prevent any vehicle/goods stolen.

Temperature Probe:

To monitor the temperature variation for the cooler machines,refrigerating cabinet or cold chain vehicle, which will enable to keep the perishable food, pharmaceutical and chemical products in a climate-controlled environment.

Fuel Sensor:

To detect the fuel consumption which help fleet managers to know the usage of the fuel, to avoid fuel stolen and help enterprises to save the fuel cost.


To take pictures remotely for monitoring the current situation of the objects, especially for snatching accident evidence.


To identify different divers’ ID on one vehicle or the same driver’s ID to different vehicles, which helps the fleet manager easily manage the staff assignment.

Other basic functions:

One-wire protocol, built-in G-sensor, two ways communication, speeding alarm, engine remote control, mileage report, accurate tracking, etc.

What’s more, TC56 is a that suitable for specific customization. It has the interface of RS232/RS485, which is able to do different customization to support different specific projects. It is not only fit for GPS tracking field, but also fit for M2M application that need complicated data monitoring.

To learn more about TC56, please visit: PRODUCTS - TC56

Welcome your testing schedule soon!

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