13 Jul 2016
By admin

Pretrace TC85 Asset GPS Tracker Helps Train Maintenance

It will be dangerous if there are some damaged components of trains that haven’t been noticed on time. The components will be abrasive and corrosive day by day during daily operation, then damage during some moment that unexpected and lead to accident. To ensure the driving safety and prolong the train usage life, it is very important to schedule the maintenance activities for the train, to check its brake, chain, bogie and much more that keep good operation.

While how to get efficient and scientific maintenance of train? It is not an easy thing even becomes a headache thing for the owners, because the wagons without power supply. That is not a normal GSM device can work it on.

Pretrace TC85 asset GPS tracker can easily meet the requirement. With inbuilt powerful battery support, and super low power consumption technology, TC85 will standby more than 1000days without recharging again. Its concise design is good for installation, IP66 waterproof level enable itself to be exposed outside that no need to worry about the rain and dust. Meanwhile, TC85 will sensitively detect the movement, and report the movement alarm to the control center. Low power alarm will be reported when TC85 battery life is short. Stable and reliable operation feature, TC85 will accurately record the daily/weekly/monthly/total mileage which will remind train owners of the maintenance time. What’s more, TC85 is easy configuring, Quad-band frequency covering, Geo-fence supporting and inbuilt super magnet installation (Optional).It is a concise, efficient and ideal self-contained device for long term tracking deployments.

Feel free to know more about Pretrace TC85 by: PRODUCTS - TC85

Don’t hesitate to contact us to buy Pretrace TC85 by: info@pretrace.com

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