Asset Management

Flexible asset management helps clients to monitor the fixed or mobile high-value assets, keep its safety and security, regulatory and recovery. Pretrace provide the stable and flexible devices to realize these needs.

Fit Industries:

ATM Machines, Vending Machines, Hazardous Materials, Construction Materials or Equipments, Pharmaceuticals, Refrigeration Units, etc.

Cargo, Containers, Luggage, Rail, Marine, Dispatch Service, Truck, Motorcycle, and other Vehicles, etc.


  • Real Time Monitoring for both Fixed or Moved Assets
  • Improve Assets Safety and Security
  • Decrease Risk of Asset Exposure, Stolen and Destroy
  • Save Cost of Organizational Asset Management
  • Alert Abnormal Situations to the Monitor Center Quickly

Fits Recommended: TC80, TC85

  • 365/24/7 Real Time Tracking
  • Super Long Battery Life (Based on Usage)
  • Mini Size, Anti-Dust, Waterproof
  • Free Installation and Easy Deployment
  • Geo-Fence Coverage
  • Shock Alarm
  • FOTA Upgrade