Personal Management

Portable devices are designed for enterprises and families to take care of theirconcerned ones.

Personal management helps employers or family members to be aware of their employees or the love ones when in emergency situation,manage to be alerted on time, capable to communicate and track, to take immediate and effective measures.

Fit Industries:

Insurance Employee, Financial Enterprises Employee, Group Workers, Lone Workers, etc.

Elders, Alzheimer Patients, Field Worker, Students, etc.


  • Real Time Accurate Tracking for Personal Safety
  • SOS Emergency Alert to the Control Center
  • Two Way Audio for Better Communications
  • Longer Battery Life for On-time Monitoring
  • Scheduled Location Update and Location on Demand
  • Save Cost for Enterprise Workforce Management
  • Supervise and Regular Employee’s Behavior
  • And more…

Fits Will Come Soon

  • 365/24/7 Real Time Tracking
  • SOS Panic Button for Emergency
  • SMS/Web-Base Tracking
  • Geo-Fence Coverage
  • Two Way Communication
  • Auto Answer Coming Call
  • Restricted Outbound Calling
  • Restricted Inbound Calling