I would highly recommenWe are very pleased about the decision we made to purchase our GPS tracking devices from Pretrace Technology Co., Limited. From the beginning, Pretrace's customer manager was very helpful and flexible in helping us choose and adopt the right product that our company needed. No pressure sale, just very useful information and great support. My company realized that we can build a full IoT services base on the two Pretrace products: TC56 and TC85. In a very short time with the great help from the Pretrace's developer we build a solution that already installed in our customer vehicles And is highly praised for its performance and for responding to the needs. All of this happened at a time when we were expanding our services. The numbers keep coming in and And we owe all this to Pretrace products.

I would highly recommend Pretrace GPS Tracking products to anyone looking at GPS systems. Their customer service is No.1 in my book — we get a live person on the phone/Skype/WhatsApp/WeChat that listens to us and takes care of our needs.

------------From Alon, Israel

Our experience with a TC85D sample device, has been very satisfactory in terms of location and alarms, which are the parameters we have evaluated. Pretrace technical support is efficient, with effective help, speed in each response and friendly in solving the questions. We have the best possible evaluation for Miss Phoenix, she is a very professional saleswoman, very concerned about delivering the best possible support for her product. At any time of day has been very attentive to our questions.

----------From Gonzalo,Chile

The TC56 is a very good GPS device. We've been using it for 3 months now and we haven't had any problem with it yet. And because the device provides accurate GPS location, sends real time alerts and has long battery life, it has helped us a lot during our fleet management. The team is very flexible and helpful! Not only do they complete their work quickly, but they also continue to be helpful in answering questions, even after the service is done. Sales support is great. They're smart and very professional. Also, they provide fast and efficient services to meet our needs.

----------- From Erwin, Philippines

I appreciate working with Pretrace. You are the right type of supplier for us. You are flexible and also quick to react. I’m enjoying working with you and look forward to a long lasting collaboration.

-----------From Erik, Sweden

For the container or temperature monitoring, I started working with you, your products are affordable for the price, and works, you are serious. I do not have interest to go elsewhere, I prefer long-term business relationships.

---------From Stephane, France

I think we are doing a good work and I aspect that my customer will be very satisfied of the product (TC85). In this months you have been always very prompt to my requests and very professional.

---------From Giampiero, Italy

By far much easier to deal with than their competitors. Very quick responses (even during Chinese New Year). Very helpful with all questions answered. Very quick delivery (2 days).Very happy with the way it (TC56L) all tested.

--------From Steven, Australia

I received TC85D 11units to Libya 10 days ago, tested and worked completely fine!

---------From Josef,Libya

I am very pleased with your service and products !!!!

Thanks for the great service and support.

---------From Andreas, Cyprus

So far we are very satisfied. We have already tested it (TC85M-3Q-G) on 2x shipments and works very well.

--------From Mark, Australia

I think we had enough time to test yours products (TC80 and TC85) and I can say they are pretty good. We want to try to offer these products to our customers.

--------From Rimas, Lithuania

I have tested your devices(TC90 and TC80) and Works very nice. We need a similar device with our own dimensions.

--------From Oscar, Spain