Pretrace is dedicated to offer the OEM/ODM service to meet the fast changing requirements of the dynamic market, especially for those specific projects. It is understanding that different projects may require different specialized features, one size of devices could not fit all. The customized solutions of hardware and firmware on our devices or the new design & development, will definitely satisfy the particular requirements.

Why choose us?

-10﹢years’ experience professional technical team.

-Fast respond and reaction on modification and service.

-Flexible customized solutions for specialized features.

-Short development cycles and reliable quality.

-Competitive price and support.

Pretrace welcome your project-based business. We are successfully helping our clients to win different deals based on our fast reaction and flexible customized solutions for each specific projects. We are commit to provide the most stable and reliable devices for our clients and the telematics industry.

Successful ODM Orders in 2014

  • Tramcar Tracker- China Resources Cement
  • This tracker is designed to track the tramcars in the cement factory—China Resources. It is requested to locate the tramcars in different areas, following their working load and respond to the control center.

  • Animal Tracker- Pets
  • This tracker is designed to track the pets. Special design on the collar to install on the small pets, stable location, mini size and light weight, easy to find out the lost pets.

  • Criminal Tracker-Chinese Police
  • This tracker is designed to track the drug trading criminal. The key feature are: portable tracking, work on 7200mah built-in battery with low power consumption, free installation based on super magnets, accurate positioning.

  • Herd Tracker - Grazing Sheep and Cattle
  • This tracker is designed to track the grazing sheep and cattle. Optimized design for the installation on the heard, mini size, super longer battery using time without recharging, accurate positioning and stable working.