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Our platform is meticulously designed to offer adaptability and flexibility, to address the distinct and diverse needs of your application.

We provide a comprehensive suite of customizable features:

Our Technology


A wide range of connectivity options ensures that your assets are always accessible. Whether you need long-range coverage, low-power connectivity, or high-speed data transmission, our connectivity solutions are designed to keep you connected in any environment.


We specialize in integrating IoT devices with various protocols. With our extensive experience in IoT integration, we excel in connecting devices using different communication standards or between other third-party platforms.                                                   


By utilizing a wide range of sensors and advanced hardware, we are able to accurately and efficiently measure various parameters. This technology allows us to gather comprehensive data,and make informed decisions based on the collected measurements.        

Adaptable Products

Successful Cases

Gas Tank Tracking

In this application, the TC86-N4 is installed on a gas tank and reports position messages every 12 hours. The client tracks and manages their tanks daily. They obtain ATEX certification based on TC86 for this project.

ATM Monitoring

The TC56 model is utilized for monitoring ATM machines, with external sensors connected to its inputs to detect any potential intrusion.

Cable Drum Managing

A customized application based on TC86 was developed for a client who sold cables. The TC86-NM, equipped with Cat M and NB IoT connectivity, was mounted on the side of the cable drum. It transmitted position and rotation data to remote server for calculating cable usage.

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