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4G Real Time Tracking device TC56


Vehicle Tracker


Pretrace’s vehicle tracker TC56 is designed to provide real-time tracking and monitoring over the LTE network. With built-in GNSS engines and high-performance external antennas, TC56 offers precise location tracking, speed monitoring, and geo-fencing capabilities, ensuring that you have complete visibility and security over your fleet. 

The TC56 has plenty of interfaces providing convenience for ON/OFF signal inputs, external control, and connecting with other sensors. Whether for fleet management or industrial applications, TC56 is the ideal solution for efficient and reliable monitoring.


Optional Specification

Bank ATM monitoring.

Successful Case

ATM Monitoring

The TC56 model is utilized for monitoring ATM machines, with external sensors connected to its inputs to detect any potential intrusion.

Equipment management with TC56

Successful Case

Equipment Hire

Since 2016, the TC56 model has been utilized for equipment rental purposes. With this application, the TC56 can detect the start and stop times of the equipment, report position messages in real-time, and enable the owner to easily calculate the total reimbursed time.

Car renting

Successful Case

Personal Car Renting

Between 2013 and 2014, more than 8000 units of the TC55 model (2G version of TC56) were installed in personal cars. The majority of car owners listed their vehicles on an app to share them with others. Tenants who wanted to use the car needed to send an SMS command to unlock the vehicle with the help of TC55.

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