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TC86-N and TC86-Q

Asset trcker TC86-S, wth external power cable.


Asset Tracker


Pretrace’s TC86 is an advanced asset-tracking device with communication capability over Satellite, LTE, Cat M, NB IoT, LoRaWAN, and Sigfox. This provides multiple choices for your application. TC86 has a large battery for long life-time operation and features an integrated accelerometer for precise motion detection. It also offers the option to include temperature, humidity, pressure, and illuminance sensors for comprehensive environmental monitoring. 

To seamlessly integrate sensors, an RF module can be added to support additional sensors without wiring. With its versatile connectivity options and optional sensor add-ons, TC86 offers a comprehensive solution for asset monitoring and management across various industries.

There are three variants of TC86:


Optional Specification


TC86 used for tracking fuel tanks.

Successful Case

Gas Tank Tracking

In this application, the TC86-N4 is installed on a gas tank and reports position messages every 12 hours. The client tracks and manages their tanks daily. They obtain ATEX certification based on TC86 for this project.

Front page platform image, fleet managment.

Successful Case

Cable Drum Managing

A customized application based on the TC86 was developed for a European client who sold cables. The TC86-NM, equipped with Cat M and NB IoT connectivity, was mounted on the side of the cable drum. It transmitted position and rotation data to a remote server for calculating cable usage.

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